American Athenaeum is a cultural magazine that features fiction, poetry, essays, opinion, author book reviews, and other literary contributions. Each journal explores the world of words like a patron explores a museum—by offering a view of the past, right up until the present. We consider this journal to be a museum of artistic endeavors, filled with cultural appreciation and stories that not only teach, but demonstrate the frailty of the human condition.
General Guidelines:
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 *Keep your query brief with relevant information. Tell us (in a line or two) why writing (or your story) is important to you.

 Also, tell us how you heard about us.

*All submissions should be Times New Roman, 12-pt font, numbered pages on bottom right, with a five-space margin for paragraphs, not a full tab. Title should not be bolded. Name, email, and location in top left-hand corner. No double-spaces between periods.

 *Fiction and non-fiction shouldn't exceed 7,500 words. Poems, 1-3 per submission in one file. Be bold and daring. See our website for info on our special departments, like American Talks, Compassion City, Voice of Endangered Species, Author Book Reviews, 1 Bookshelf, Wisdomgrams, and more. 

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**We also offer a $2 donation option, and in the event your piece is declined, we'll tell you in a few lines why. These options go a long way in supporting our efforts. So thank you for participating. (Note, we do not charge to submit).
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